Welcome to Gurukulam



Our mission is to fulfill the expectations of the parents and find out the talents of the children and nurture them and hone all their skills. May it be in academics, computers, music, sports, communication, technology and various others. We shall ensure that every child leaving the portals of Gurukulam is fit to walk out and face the challenges of life. .

We would like to make them the pillars of our nation and see them as responsible and productive citizens taking our country to its pinnacle of glory.

We strive not only to help them to store things in their memories but to be able to use their minds to be logical and accept challenges not to be lead by others but to lead others by example.



The Motto of Our School is to Achieve Aspire Belong in itself can lead to proper and individual development not only of self but of city and nation at large. Achieve our goals, Aspire for greater height and Belong to the school city and Nation. Develop an Attitude of patriotism and with the rich and varied culture of our Country. True recognition of great leaders and service rendered by the defence forces. The Freedom fighter who willing laid down their lives needed to be strongly inculcated in our students who will become role model for society.